Jun. 1, 2012

Black Women’s Transitions to Natural Hair

@afrolicious …….at least it is done by a black woman, who appears to be related to ken saro wiwa,

When I set out to make a documentary about black women who are “transitioning” — cutting off their chemically straightened hair and embracing their natural kinky afro texture — I had no intention of appearing in the film. I felt I was an objective observer and really just wanted to highlight a growing movement. (Of the 50 or so women I struck up conversations with randomly on the street, the vast majority had gone natural within the last three years. According to one industry study, sales of chemical straightening kits, which can be harmful, reportedly dropped by 17 percent between 2006 and 2011.) But including my own story forced me to examine how I felt about my hair with more honesty than ever before.

i hope she addresses whiteness in the video. a video like this that doesn’t interrogate whiteness is an exercise in missing the point.

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