Nov. 28, 2011


Trailer for the film UNTIL WE HAVE FACES which documents homophobia in jamaica donate here.

The Story So Far

Most people don’t think of Jamaica as a homophobic nation. It is seen as a paradise - but under that surface lies a nation where to be openly gay is to risk death. In May, you helped our team of filmmakers travel to Jamaica to explore what it means to be an LGBT person in Jamaica.  We wanted to move beyond the easy stereotypes of this beach paradise and tell the stories of LGBT activists who risk their lives for civil rights.

During the five weeks our filmmakers spent in Jamaica, they were able to interview activists, politicians, religious leaders, homeless gay youth, and ordinary citizens. Each story is an important piece of the puzzle that is the virulent and sometimes violent homophobia that occurs on the island.

In the following months, we’ve been able to also film with LGBT asylum seekers and members of the Jamaican community in Washington DC, Toronto, and New York City. It’s been exciting to see the documentary coming together as Julia Alty, our head editor, begins to refine the story.

Without your collaboration, we couldn’t have made it to this point and we’re extremely grateful for the faith you put in this project. As we move deeper into post-production, we begin the second phase of fundraising and believe you have an important part to play in this story.

The Impact

We don’t have to hesitate at all when we classify this film as very important. We have no illusions that as independent filmmakers, it’ll be more difficult to get this film to a broader audience, but we believe that it is vital that this story be told and we’re willing to make the sacrifices it takes to get this documentary out there and we’re willing to bet you are too. 

We’ve seen and felt the scars inflicted upon young men because of ignorance and hatred, we’ve listened to unbelievably strong women weep as they recounted the deaths they have witnessed, and seen the work of the same women as they create positive, nurturing spaces for LGBT Jamaicans. 

We believe that we can, with the help of so many others, like Amnesty International, and the organizations working quietly in Jamaica, begin to effect change, with this film. We want “Until We Have Faces” to finally bring exposure to the homophobia that consumes Jamaica and to the hope that grows there too. We believe that this documentary and your awareness and involvement in this project can begin a ripple effect that changes how we in the West view Jamaica and an provide a first step in what can be done to allow for the safety and equal rights of the LGBT population there.

What We Need & What You Get

During this phase of fundraising, the production needs to raise $5000 (all donations are tax-deductible), and here’s what it will be going towards:

- Backup and archival hardware

- Sound Design

- Color Correction

- Artwork

- Graphics

We’ve got a fantastic thank-you gift for you prepared. We’re creating a limited-edition pocket-sized book with artwork, photographs, poetry, and stories from the documentary just for you.Molossus, a fantastic publishing house here in Los Angeles, will be helping us create these unique, handcrafted books.

For those of you who donated during our previous campaign, have no fear. Your perks will be delivered once the film is completed. Donate during this campaign, and the pocket book will be included in the package.

What happens if we raise more than $5,000? Any extra funds will go towards other post-production costs including music composition costs, film festival expenses, and marketing.

Want more details? We’ll send you a more detailed budget or answer any questions about what is listed above, if you’d like; just email us at:

Did I Hear You Say Something About Tax Deductible?

You sure did! You can write-off all donations to this project thanks to our amazing fiscal sponsor. If you’d like more information about our fiscal sponsor, shoot us an email at


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Other Ways To Collaborate

Please spread the word about the project. You can use the sharing tools available on this site to share our project with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, and other great resources. 

And don’t take our word for it when it comes to what’s going on in Jamaica; here are some great resources:

Amnesty International 

The Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays (J-Flag) 

The Most Homophobic Place on Earth” (Time Magazine) 

If You’re Gay in Jamaica You’re Dead” (The Guardian)

Jamaican Gay Rights Activist Seeks Asylum in Canada” (Current)

#Support If ONLY because it complicates how Caribbean nations in general, Jamaica in particular are read and seen as #HYPER Homophobic.

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